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3 April 2012
"I hope I will have the chance in my career to play some Premier League matches because for me, today, it is the best championship in the world"
"I come from a family of Villa fans: only my uncle was Birmingham City, just to p*ss off my grandad!"
12 March 2012
"I stopped writing because my missus dropped some coffee on the computer and I lost 80 pages!"
27 January 2012
"I found the winters hard when I left Africa. It was so cold! People kept saying, "Don't worry – just put on another jumper"
25 January 2012
"When we play against the Ivory Coast it always feels like a derby match. The supporters want us to avoid defeat at all cost"
24 January 2012
"Demba Ba is outstanding – we're proud of what he is doing in England"
24 January 2012
"If I hadn’t been a footballer I would have been a singer. My parents thought I was going to be a musician..."
20 January 2012
"Kolo is a fantastic guy. He is a good man: he always works and he always tries to be at the best level. He is a pure example to me..."
19 January 2012
"Ghana have a really strong team this year - and the fact that some of the strongest teams haven't qualified gives us an even better chance"
1 January 2012
"If Newcastle sold Cabaye, they'd definitely be in relegation trouble"


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