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Good Day

Francisco Casquero

The match between Getafe and Sevilla was similar to one of those tug-of-love American tv movies for La Liga Loca. But without the scenes of domestic violence and bad guys being stabbed in the eye that are frequently broadcast pre-watershed in Spain.

It was a match between the blog's two favourite teams La Liga. Plucky underdogs against the most entertaining side on the planet. But both sides needed the points! Oh, the angst.

In the end it was Getafe who grabbed them after Casquero returned to his rocket roasting best to open the scoring and Contra got the winner in a mental period of injury time, after his side had thrown away a 2-1 lead, just minutes before.

"I watched the Manchester United game, earlier, and the same thing happened to Ronaldo, Rooney and Giggs. If they can make mistakes, so can we," said Michael Laudrup on their late, late show.

Real Madrid

The Spanish Thing writes that Real Madrid are lucky buggers. The Spanish Thing is way off the mark. As usual. AS, for once, are right when they comment that you don't win that many games by being lucky.

Real Madrid have now won on their travels in San Moix, Camp Nou, Mestalla, Vicente Calderon and La Madrigal. The second half of a season should be a doddle.

Monday's papers are praising Raul for his Calderón performance but the best player for the visitors, on Sunday, was Robinho - 57 times the footballer from the last two seasons. This new and improved version of Robinho runs, harries and harasses. He also does considerably less fannying about, than before.

Another topic for discussion, one day, is whether the team that is currently seven points clear is Bernd Schuster's, or Fabio Capello's but with more time to gel. The fact that Pepe, Robben, Metzelder, Heinze, Drenthe, Saviola nor Soldado have failed to make much of an impact, this season, suggests the latter is right.

Joseba Llorente

January's winner of the Dani Guiza flavour of the month award in goes to Valladolid's Llorente, who scored his 9th and 10th goal of the season, on Sunday, against Espanyol, and his fifth in two league matches.

But more importantly Llorente is now the proud record holder of the Primera's fastest goal with his 7.82 second effort. "It wasn't a rehearsed move," said a delighted Mendilibar, whose side now sit in 7th after three consecutive wins.


La Liga Loca was still picking its way through riot police and assorted Ultras being padded down as it returned home from the Vicente Calderón, as this match took place. But from snatches seen, it looked like Barcelona dominated play without making their chances count - and this is a familiar story for "a team in transition," says Sport.

To rehash a very old cliché, Sunday's match was a potential banana skin for Barcelona, as Racing Santander are no pushovers, this season. But, they "did the minimum to defeat them", reported Sport who have now taken to pragmatic football like a starving Spaniard to ham.

And what's with the booing of Giovani? Not exactly going to help with those tricky contract negotiations currently underway.


For the second week in a row, another late late show for Almeria and another 1-0 win to keep them out of the relegation rumble. At least for now, anyway.


It was the barn-storming, ball-busting version of Villarreal on display, on Saturday night, as they tore Valencia apart in a match when they could have scored about fifty. Maybe.

They are still a 50/50 bet for a Champions League place due to their ability to concede three against Deportivo and four against Zaragoza. But they are also capable of sticking three past Barcelona. And this makes their revenge mission at the Bernabeu, next Sunday, an intriguing one.


After nine matches, Real Zaragoza finally win a game. But the victory would have come with or without Víctor Fernández on the bench on Sunday evening. Zaragoza score far too many goals to remain the big, fat losers that they had become - especially with a Diego Milito in the line up, who now has thirteen league goals.


A point! And two goals! That's reason enough for a street party down Levante way. And it's reason enough to get into the Good Day section.

José Guardado

The Deportivo player should not feel too down in the dumps at his team's current plight, as he will surely be moving on to bigger and better things, next season.

Bad Day


After watching last week's defeat to Atlético in the Calderón, La Liga Loca was thinking that maybe, just maybe, there was hope for Valencia. Luckily, La Liga Loca was wrong. Valencia are doomed. Doomed!

Ronald Koeman's side has managed just 6 points from a possible 27. They have scored two goals in eight league matches; cowardly crackpot, Juan Soler, has vanished from the scene with a mystery illness, forcing his VP stooge to do the post match interviews on La Sexta and La Liga Loca has never seen players looking as despondent as those trudging off the pitch, on Saturday night, after a complete battering by Villarreal.


Ten defeats! Ten! "We should feel ashamed of ourselves after playing like that," grumbled Luis Fabiano, blaming their poor season on a complete lack of concentration on set pieces. "Everyone needs to defend!" shouted Oscar Jiménez minutes after he watched his side throw away two points against Getafe.


"A bad week," said Ernesto Valverde on a seven day period that saw brought two league defeats and a Copa del Rey exit. Is the party over for Espanyol?


According to the news wires, Deportivo manager, Miguel Angel Lotina is still hanging on in there in La Coruña. But only just.

"I'm tired of saying this, but my future on the bench matters little to me. The only thing that matters is Deportivo." Ahh. It's enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Fran Yeste

A head butt from the Athletic Bilbao battler saw him sent off from a 'horrible game' according to AS, that was played out in a blanket of fog and it saw Osasuna take the lead four minutes later with a thumper from Dady.

"On another day we could have got something from the game," mused Athletic coach, Joaquín Caparrós, before putting the thumbscrews to his misbehaving midfielder.


It's Murcia's turn to be sitting in the relegation zone's big game of musical chairs. Next week, Recreativo.


The kind of game Betis, really, really need to win, if they are to stay up, this season. But they didn't.