Sunderland 2002/03
5 April 2019
Huddersfield have lost 17 of their last 19 matches, while Fulham have been defeated in 12 of their last 13. Alex Hess remembers six terrible top-flight streaks and the teams behind them
Sol Campbell Notts County
23 January 2019
Something for nothing? Pah! Greg Lea picks out some stars whose value proved too good to be true at their new clubs
16 February 2018
World Cup winners, multiple Champions League victors and more. We're not saying this lot were bad footballers, but their epic trophy hauls probably surpass their ability...
12 April 2017
Cheats, thugs, hoofers and - worst of all - winners. Bloody winners. FFT counts down the most loathed teams in the history of British football. Bring on the hate... 
Trabzonspor have confirmed that Jose Bosingwa will join the club on a free transfer.
22 February 2013
Team-mates tell of unremarkable efforts in training
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