New York Cosmos

4 March 2016
Sensible business models? Pah! Two decades before MLS finally did it properly, soccer Stateside was run by rock stars, movie moguls and music execs. Oh, but it was fun...
12 November 2015
Ever visited a stadium shaped like a crocodile? Soon you’ll be able to. Chris Flanagan investigates the new arenas currently being planned around the world…
5 April 2015
Real Madrid legend Raul lasted just 53 minutes of his competitive New York Cosmos debut on Saturday.
30 October 2014
Real Madrid legend Raul has agreed a multi-year contract with North American Soccer League (NASL) side the New York Cosmos.
4 August 2014
Feeling the pinch? Don't worry, writes Jon Spurling, history suggests you don't always need to raid the sofa cracks to break even. Or on second thoughts...
1 August 2005
"If I had to write my whole name, it would take a day"
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