Fabregas: Highbury was my special home

MONACO - Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas, who will soon be playing regularly at the Nou Camp in front of 99,000 fans, said he felt more at home at Arsenal's former ground Highbury than any other stadium in the world.

The 24-year-old midfielder, who returned to Barca last week after eight years with Arsenal, repeatedly referred to Arsenal as "we" at a news conference on Thursday before Friday's Super Cup final against Porto.

"I never felt at home as I felt at Highbury at any other stadium in the world. It wasn't my decision [that they left] it was the club's decision, it was what they needed in that moment.

"But Highbury was a special thing that I don't think will happen any more, but we have to make... Arsenal have to make the Emirates their own home now and with their own cabinet of trophies to start all over again."

Arsenal have not won a trophy since moving the short distance to their new 60,000-capacity ground, but at least they will have another shot at the Champions League this season after surviving a playoff against Udinese on Wednesday.

"Yeah I watched it [on TV] and became a bit scared when Udinese scored and got the penalty, but I think after we saved the penalty the game became more comfortable for us and I think we played very well," Fabregas said.

"I'm very happy for Arsenal and their fans because they deserve to be in the Champions League.

"It's a big boost for the club and the players because it is a very difficult season and I am sure from this they will get so much confidence they can move forward."


Despite his fondness for his former team, Fabregas also stressed how happy he was to be with Barcelona, the club for which he played as a boy.

"I came to Barcelona to get better, to compete, and obviously to win trophies as well but that's not the only the reason. I'm certainly happy to have opportunities such as this one.

"This [Super Cup final] is part of the achievement of last year's team and I'm lucky enough to be part of this great club and I would like to thank my fellow players who had a magnificent season last year.

"Now I'm lucky enough to be one of them, to be able to play tomorrow and we hope to be champions."

"It's my first trip with the team. I'm really excited and very happy to be part of this great side and to see how things are done here.

"The team has treated me extremely well and I think we are in great shape, with this team you can just fight to the bitter end and give your all knowing that everybody trusts you and that everybody works together.

"What I have found most striking in this side is that there's great humility. They have won everything but they still want to keep winning.

"I know 90 percent of the players and they made it very easy for me. It's going to be a very difficult season, we play every three days basically from now until the end so we will have to be mentally very strong and take care of ourselves."