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Kieran Gibbs: How to make it pro

Thousands of budding young footballers up and down the country chase the ultimate dream of turning pro, but very few make it.


The reality is harsh – 50% of academy graduates who signed a pro contract at 16 will out of the game two years later. It’s even worse for players who haven’t established themselves by the age of 21 – 75% of them get cut.


Still think you’ve got what it takes to make it? Good – you’ve got desire – an essential quality according to Arsenal full-back, Kieran Gibbs. 


“You need a certain amount of ability, but the rest is up to you – how much you want it, how much you’re willing to give and sacrifice for the game,” he explains. 


“You’re playing every weekend from an early age so your ability to do things socially with your friends is limited.”


If you’re ready to do whatever it takes, Gibbs is ready to help. We spoke to the England international to find out what it takes to become a professional footballer.


Hit play and fast track your route to the big leagues with Gibbs' words of wisdom.

Kieran Gibbs is speaking as part of the new adidas #BeTheDifference campaign, wearing the all-new adidas X15. For more To join the conversation, follow @adidasUK

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