6 March 2008
"I’d travel up in the helicopter on the Monday, stay all week and fly back on the weekend..."
1 February 2008
"I dreamed about being a dwarf"
1 January 2008
“They were right to call me a thug in the papers”
1 October 2007
"He was a complete loony in the dressing room – I had to have him in my squad"
1 August 2007
"We don’t do British things like cut each others’ pants up and hide shoes"
1 May 2007
"There was a comic called Sparky, it rhymed with Mark, so I picked that. It wasn’t because I was a frustrated electrician or anything..."
1 May 2007
"Coming from Bath, I supported Manchester United"
1 February 2007
"At school a leg of a high stool got caught in my trousers, so when I walked I went flying."
10 September 2006
"Who was I most like as a player? Ronaldinho, only without the skill"
"Where I was brought up, there wasn’t really much of a Morris dancing scene"


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