1 December 2005
"I don't have any wingers in my side, which is why I have such attacking full-backs..."
1 November 2005
"He had great positional sense and he was a real team player – he showed that in England"
1 August 2005
"Our grub is excellent – nothing’s frozen or processed and we do more than 1000 meals a week"
1 August 2005
"If I had to write my whole name, it would take a day"
1 June 2005
"Like Margaret Thatcher, I’ve always been able to get by on four hours sleep"
"I get called Postman Pat. Although I’ve never had a black and white cat called Jess."
1 April 2005
"I decided to devote myself to religion"
1 November 2004
"I'm in bed. Wi' nowt on"
1 July 2004
"If Bergkamp had played in the Cruyff team of 1974, Holland would have won the World Cup"
1 August 2003
"If Glenn Hoddle had been French, Spanish or Italian he would have been held in higher regard"


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