1 July 2007
"I'd greet Jordi Cruyff with ‘Dos San Miguels you dago b*****d’..."
1 June 2007
"Despite walking from court an innocent man, The Sun got what they wanted in the end..."
1 March 2007
"I buy property to rent out, or develop and sell on – it's not quite the same as playing a one-two with Matt Le Tissier!"
1 January 2007
"I don’t know how he did it, but the next morning Alex Ferguson knew exactly the pubs I’d been to"
"The surgeon said 'Ted, you're better getting it taken off below your knee'..."
1 December 2005
"I don't have any wingers in my side, which is why I have such attacking full-backs..."
1 November 2005
"He had great positional sense and he was a real team player – he showed that in England"
1 August 2005
"Our grub is excellent – nothing’s frozen or processed and we do more than 1000 meals a week"
1 August 2005
"If I had to write my whole name, it would take a day"
1 June 2005
"Like Margaret Thatcher, I’ve always been able to get by on four hours sleep"


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