Johan Cruyff Barcelona
24 March 2020
Four years on from his passing, we look at the enduring legacy Johan Cruyff left at the Nou Camp – and what it means for football worldwide today
Liverpool Intercontinental Cup 1984
21 December 2019
They face Flamengo tonight, as they did in 1981 – but three years later, Joe Fagan’s Reds took on Argentine club Independiente for the honour of becoming world club champions. In order to win it, they would have to overcome one of South America’s finest cup teams and a miserable English record in the competition
Henry Norris Arsenal
30 August 2019
Jon Spurling on the controversial figure who took Arsenal to Highbury over a hundred years ago
Ronaldo football 90s
15 August 2019
A Zinedine Zidane poster stirs nostalgia and memories of unpolished mavericks, but you can't take age and appreciation for granted
Football League Super Cup
14 August 2019
Rich Edwards reflects on the despised Football League Super Cup that aimed to compensate for English clubs' European exile
Nicolas Anelka Arsenal Real Madrid 1999
2 August 2019
It may have been a tidy bit of business for Arsene Wenger, but the saga surrounding the prodigious young striker’s transfer left a shadow over his career
Arsene Wenger Highbury screen
19 July 2019
With Arsenal in the middle of their US pre season tour, Jon Spurling explains how ex-vice chairman David Dein's obsession with stateside soccer helped transform an ailing club
Martin Palermo three penalties
4 July 2019
Think of your worst nightmare on a football pitch and then times it by 10 – for that was the agonising ordeal Argentina’s striker suffered at the 1999 Copa America
Georgi Kinkladze
29 April 2019
The snake-hipped star dazzled Joe Marshall at the Riverside two decades ago – though alas for the Georgian, Manchester City’s defence did anything but
15 April 2019
Some feared the Belgium midfielder would never be the same again after breaking his leg against Italy at Euro 1972, explains Michael Yokhin – but he bounced back to take his revenge eight years later


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