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Quiz! Can you name all 18 managers to win the League Cup over the last three decades?

There’s something great about winning the first major tournament of the English season (no, the Community Shield doesn’t count). As a manager tries to work out how to lift the three-handled trophy, they’re safe in the knowledge that silverware is in the cabinet “early doors” with lots still to play for.

So whether you call it the Carabao Cup, Carling Cup, Worthington Cup, Coca-Cola Cup or Milk Cup, it’s time to do one thing: pour all of those drinks into a mug, stir liberally, then enjoy the semi-finals. Oh, and do our quiz too!.

Unless a shock manager change happens, which can’t be ruled out as Chelsea are involved, a new boss will win this competition in 2018. But can you name the past three decades of victors?

Six minutes are on the clock to name these 18 gaffers, based on their total wins and the clubs they’ve been triumphant for. Let us know how you do @FourFourTwo – and challenge some friends too.

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