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Mourinho: Premier League tougher to win than ever

Winning the Premier League has become tougher than ever in the eyes of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. 

Mourinho's men were crowned champions last season, finishing eight points clear of Manchester City, and lost just three times in the league, against Newcastle United, Tottenham and West Brom.

Chelsea led from start to finish as Mourinho celebrated his third Premier League title success with the club and first since returning to Stamford Bridge for a second spell in charge.

However, when asked about hard it is to win the title, he reflected on the Premier League's official website: "It is more difficult than ever. 

"I would say it is the most difficult one to win because it is very, very competitive, with very good teams. 

"Even with the points difference we had from the beginning of the season, it was still very hard."

Money and mentality are the two factors that combine to make the Premier League special, according to Mourinho.

He added: "Mentality is very important and in this country, even the teams without the same human potential than the top teams in the league really fight; they really believe and every game becomes very competitive. 

"So mentality is a big part of it, and second I think is the good financial situation that every club has. I think it allows them - even the smaller and promoted teams – to get good players, have good squads and be competitive."