11 July 2018
A certain move from Real Madrid to Juventus has gone straight into the top five highest transfer fees ever – but can you name the most expensive players of all time?
4 June 2018
Liverpool, Zenit and Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola are among the parties to be hit by a raft of UEFA sanctions.
PSG sign Neymar
4 June 2018
Brazil has produced a greater array of talent than any other football nation, but can you name the country’s costliest stars of all time?
29 May 2018
Zenit had been linked with Maurizio Sarri but they have appointed Sergei Semak instead, the Russian signing a two-year contract.
22 May 2018
Maurizio Sarri's agent Alessandro Pellegrini dismissed speculation regarding the in-demand Napoli boss.
Russia World Cup 2018
17 May 2018
At Euro 2008, they looked like one of Europe’s most exciting emerging sides – yet their World Cup build-up has been a shambles, as Michael Yokhin explains
13 May 2018
Italy look set to appoint Roberto Mancini as their new coach after he agreed to a termination of his Zenit contract.
7 May 2018
Marcello Lippi has given his backing to Zenit coach Roberto Mancini to take over as the new Italy national team boss.
Jurgen Klopp Champions League
2 May 2018
We're looking for the glory-hunting gaffers with the most Champions League wins since 1992/93
1 May 2018
The Italian Football Federation has confirmed Zenit's Roberto Mancini has agreed to open talks about becoming the new Italy coach.


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