14 November 2012
"Our tactical system is very similar to Spanish teams. That’s all down to the coach"
8 November 2012
"I got in the Guinness Book of Records because I scored 289 goals in 40 games. It was a good team…"
31 October 2012
"Having known the Villa fans well, they do lose their sense of humour very quickly..."
26 October 2012
"Mark Hughes was a surprise – I didn't think he wanted to be a manager..."
3 October 2012
"AC Milan can win the Champions League. We are second to no one in Italy or the rest of Europe"
1 September 2012
"Cole and Gazza ain't gonna come near me, man! I'm the world number one footballer-slash-rapper"
13 June 2012
“This is without doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever been asked to do…”
8 June 2012
"Why doesn't Dick Advocaat kiss everyone who scores?!"
7 June 2012
"We missed out on the last World Cup so we want to make up for lost time"
7 June 2012
"We've beaten Germany, England and Brazil. We can beat the biggest countries in the world"
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