1 September 2017
After a hat-trick against the Faroe Islands moved Cristiano Ronaldo on to 78 international goals, Pele congratulated the Portugal star.
31 August 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo has more international goals than Pele but who else is left for the Real Madrid superstar to catch.
 Ferenc Puskas
27 July 2017
With a left foot that could be either a cannon or a magician’s wand, Hungary’s Galloping Major ruled the football pitch
28 June 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo is the seventh most prolific international footballer of all time on 75 goals, just two behind Pele. Who is he chasing?
27 May 2017
In scoring in a third consecutive Copa del Rey final, Neymar became the first man to do so since Ferenc Puskas in the 1960s.
Donald Trump, fake news
16 March 2017
Arsene Wenger has dismissed suggestions of first-team assistant Boro Primorac leaving as "fake news" – already a buzzword of 2017 thanks to a certain White House incumbent. But as Jon Spurling discovers, mistruths in the game were being reported long before Donald Trump got up in grills. Sad!
Gunter Netzer
2 February 2017
This dazzling lot didn’t obey convention. They drank, smoked, agitated and ignored orders, but – most of all – they entertained
1 November 2016
Get your hands on the latest edition of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print, and on iPad and iPhone from Wednesday November 2.
3 June 2016
FourFourTwo recalls the strikes that rocked planet football…
25 November 2015
Carlos Tevez inspired David Ball as a youngster at Manchester City and the Fleetwood striker feels honoured to rival him for a FIFA gong.
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