Luis Figo

Tevez Welcome to Manchester
3 February 2017
After Matty Taylor became the first player to move between Bristol Rovers and Bristol City in 30 years, Tom Seymour picked out others who dared to cross enemy lines
27 January 2017
Behold, our top 10 transfers that got everyone giddy
7 June 2016
Featuring a Soviet screamer, fantastic Figo, Pearce passion and a young Wayne Rooney...
17 February 2016
At the turn of the millennium, Florentino Perez wanted to build a team boasting some of the football world's biggest stars. He largely succeeded, although their success on the pitch was varied. So, where are they now?
19 November 2015
With several young upstarts hoping to make their Clásico bows this Saturday, Matthew Gault revisits some of the most unforgettable first-time performances in football’s ultimate rivalry...
9 July 2015
After snapping up Chelsea's long-serving keeper, the north Londoners will be keen to flex their muscle at the top of the table this time. And why not? They (and others) have done it before, writes Robert O'Connor...
23 March 2015
FIFA presidential candidate Luis Figo is confident of seriously challenging Sepp Blatter at the election in May.
20 March 2015
Sepp Blatter's decision to turn down a televised debate with fellow candidates for the FIFA presidency has come in for criticism.
19 February 2015
FIFA presidential candidate Luis Figo has confirmed that he would be keen to see an open debate on the future of the World Cup.
10 February 2015
Luis Figo has hit out at critics of Cristiano Ronaldo's partying following Real Madrid's comprehensive 4-0 derby defeat to Atletico on Saturday.


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