Juan Foyth
19 September 2017
As the elegant Argentina U20 defender awaits his English football debut, Peter Coates speaks to those close to him – and explains how a position switch led to a remarkable rise
8 May 2017
The hot-headed Argentine coach couldn't contain his emotions after being sent to the stands against Boca Juniors.
Nelson Vivas
19 April 2017
Argentina vs England at France 98, Di Canio’s infamous shove, Wenger’s revolution, the rise of Simeone... like a fighty, footballing Forrest Gump, the former right-back has been history’s witness
Nigel Pearson, Leicester
1 March 2017
After Carlo Ancelotti flicked the middle finger to Hertha Berlin supporters, Tim Ellis picked out other bosses who were feisty enough to give some back
30 January 2017
Nelson Vivas has told FourFourTwo how his no-nonsense approach at Arsenal earned him a notorious nickname.
FourFourTwo, March 2017
30 January 2017
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22 October 2013
Quilmes coach Nelson Vivas has handed in his resignation after punching a fan in a 1-1 draw with Atletico Rafaela on Friday.
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