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Peru coach slams media, coaches and referees

He criticised journalists for labelling teams as either attacking or defensive and appeared to take a swipe at the coaches of the competition's top sides, although he did not name names.

He said his defender Giancarlo Carmona had not deserved to be sent off against the Chileans and described the yellow card shown to another of his players, Aldo Corzo, as "laughable".

"I'm fed up with labels, fed up with them," Markarian told a post-match news conference. "The media, the journalists, the coaches who put labels on everything, I'm tired of it.

"There are some coaches who are labelled as attacking, others who are labelled as not, it's everywhere, in every country.

"It's very easy when they have the players and the pedigree that they do to say 'I'm an attacking coach'. I'm tired of it. Enough!" said the Uruguayan, visibly angry.

When asked to clarify who exactly he was talking about, Markarian refused.

Peru have come under some criticism for playing too defensively after scoring two goals in their three group matches at the South American tournament.

Even so, they have qualified for the quarter-finals and find out on Wednesday who they face next.