QPR receive Football League ban threat

The Football League could expel QPR in the event of Premier League relegation if they fail to pay a Financial Fair Play (FFP) fine.

QPR are set to announce huge losses from their time spent playing in the Championship last season and could receive a sanction of £40 million for breaking UEFA’s FFP regulations.

Chairman Tony Fernandes stated that the London club intend to fight any punishment received, but Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey insists the rules still apply to QPR despite their promotion back to the top flight.

Harvey has now said he would expect any fine to be paid and that refusal to let QPR play in the Football League would be considered as a last resort as a compromise should be reached before that point.

"Theoretically, that is the position but I would hope there would be resolution long before that option even had to be considered," he said at the Soccerex conference in Manchester on Tuesday. 

"The one thing for certain is that most clubs [in the Premier League] will become a Football League club again.

"Now QPR will of course be hoping it does not happen for some considerable number of seasons but the chances are they will need to return to the Football League fold at some point.

"Certainly, three of the 20 clubs that are in the Premier League will be in the Football League next season."