Singapore game scrapped after brawl

SINGAPORE - Match officials scrapped an S.League fixture on Monday night before it had even kicked off as players staged a pitched battle during the warm-up.

Hougang Stadium became the scene of a brawl between hosts Hougang United and reigning Singapore champions Etoile FC.

Local media reported that the scene resembled a gang fight, with players chasing each other and some rushing onto the terraces.

"We will conduct a full investigation to find out what actually happened. This is something we do not want in our game and, following investigations, any guilty parties, if there are, will be severely dealt with," Singapore Football Association (FAS) deputy director Ridzal Saat told Today newspaper.

"We do not condone any sort of violence, more so anything that is pre-match."

The scrapping of Monday's match marked the first time since the S.League was founded in 1996 that a match was abandoned prior to kick-off due to disciplinary reason.