Wenger criticises media methods

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at media reports that he criticised Chelsea's style of play in the Blues' 2-0 win over the Gunners on Sunday.

Following his side's second league defeat to Carlo Ancelotti's table-toppers at Stamford Bridge, Wenger congratulated Chelsea on their victory, but added that:

"We did not get a demonstration of football. Chelsea were very efficient. They are very experienced at the back. They make the foul at the right part of the pitch, in the middle of the pitch, to stop a counter-attack.

"A little push, not enough to be a yellow card. They have a lot of tricks and are very experienced. They do that very well. They got one or two decisions from the referee."

His comments led to an angry response from Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack, who accused Wenger of continually searching for excuses whenever Arsenal come unstuck.

However, Wenger - speaking ahead of the midweek clash with Liverpool - accused the media of twisting his words.

"I was full of compliments and praise for Chelsea and I find it completely unfair from the press that you take one word of my press conference to turn it every time," he said.

"You did that at Villa, you did that at Chelsea and every time if you look at the intent of my press conference it was positive towards the opponent.

"If you want, I can say nothing in my press conferences.

"It's my job to analyse the game in a calm way with a cold head and to analyse what is right and wrong."

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