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Wenger wants technology to aid offside calls

Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger is in favour of video technology in football being extended to help with offside decisions.

A meeting of the International Football Association Board in Cardiff last week confirmed live trials over the use of increased technology to help match officials will start by the 2017-18 season, something new FIFA president Gianni Infantino described as a "historic decision".

The Premier League has used a goal-line review system to adjudicate on whether goals are scored since 2013-14 and Wenger would be in favour of similar steps being taken to help banish controversial offside calls - although he does not believe other areas of play should be affected. 

"It depends how they do it and I think next step is for the offside to be treated like goal-line technology, exactly the same," he said. "That is the easiest step to do. 

"All the other ideas for me are too premature but the offside can be treated very well and in a scientific way and that should be the only next step."