5 July 2017
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23 June 2017
A decade is a long time to forget who won what – but see how many of these triumphant top dogs you can name from that period
22 June 2017
Seeing as we're celebrating the game's best bosses this week, it only seems right to quiz you on the men who've lifted club football's biggest prize. On your marks... 
11 June 2017
Laurent Koscielny is flattered by reported interest from Ligue 1 giants Marseille, but reaffirmed he is happy at Arsenal.
Champions League
2 June 2017
As the Champions League showpiece arrives in Cardiff, can you name the locations to have hosted Europe’s biggest club game in the past?
1 June 2017
Manchester United's treble-winners? Liverpool's miracle men? Pep's Barcelona? Real Madrid's decima side? The Champions League winners rated from No.24 to No.1
Real Madrid
1 June 2017
These players from Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil – yes, even England – and beyond have all scored in European football’s biggest club game. How many can you recall with our clues?
31 May 2017
The former Manchester United hero-turned-social media kingpin has been back to entertain during some airport downtime. 
Real Madrid
30 May 2017
It’s the pinnacle of a footballer’s club career, so you have to be pretty special – or lucky – to complete a hat-trick of European showpieces. Can you name the players to have done it?
15 May 2017
His outlandish Instagram videos are by now the stuff of legend – and Evra was at it again to celebrate his birthday. 


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