24 April 2019
Some are obvious, others baffling - it's time to test your knowledge of these sides' secondary monikers
Fabrizio Ravanelli
17 April 2019
Success can be fleeting in football, where it doesn’t take much for a player to go from Champions League hero to Premier League zero – as Jack Beresford explains
Rumbelows Sprint Challenge
12 April 2019
In 1992, a group of TV execs came up with an idea as brilliant as it was simple: get players from all 92 league clubs to sprint for the right to call themselves the game’s fastest (and win a new telly)
Jermain Defoe
11 April 2019
Sometimes life is just cruel. A combination of bad luck, circumstance and blinding loyalty meant this diamond dozen ended their careers without a single medal on their mantel
Scott Parker West Ham 2010/11
8 April 2019
Greg Evans on the stars who really weren't too good to go down
Sunderland 2002/03
5 April 2019
Huddersfield have lost 17 of their last 19 matches, while Fulham have been defeated in 12 of their last 13. Alex Hess remembers six terrible top-flight streaks and the teams behind them
Paul Pogba Manchester United
5 April 2019
The Frenchman has some eye-watering wage demands, reports today's tabloids
2 April 2019
Get your hands on the May 2019 issue of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print or on iPad and iPhone – from Wednesday, April 3
Marcus Bent Leicester
1 April 2019
The sorry stars who've suffered the drop more times than they care to remember


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