Fabrizio Ravanelli
17 April 2019
Success can be fleeting in football, where it doesn’t take much for a player to go from Champions League hero to Premier League zero – as Jack Beresford explains
Rumbelows Sprint Challenge
12 April 2019
In 1992, a group of TV execs came up with an idea as brilliant as it was simple: get players from all 92 league clubs to sprint for the right to call themselves the game’s fastest (and win a new telly)
Jermain Defoe
11 April 2019
Sometimes life is just cruel. A combination of bad luck, circumstance and blinding loyalty meant this diamond dozen ended their careers without a single medal on their mantel
Scott Parker West Ham 2010/11
8 April 2019
Greg Evans on the stars who really weren't too good to go down
Sunderland 2002/03
5 April 2019
Huddersfield have lost 17 of their last 19 matches, while Fulham have been defeated in 12 of their last 13. Alex Hess remembers six terrible top-flight streaks and the teams behind them
Paul Pogba Manchester United
5 April 2019
The Frenchman has some eye-watering wage demands, reports today's tabloids
2 April 2019
Get your hands on the May 2019 issue of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print or on iPad and iPhone – from Wednesday, April 3
Marcus Bent Leicester
1 April 2019
The sorry stars who've suffered the drop more times than they care to remember
Patrik Berger Liverpool
22 March 2019
England face the Czech Republic in their opening Euro 2020 qualifier on Friday night, so we’re remembering the visitors’ representatives in top-flight history  


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