Glenn Hoddle
4 October 2019
Conor Pope, Patrick Barclay and Chris Flanagan reappraise Hoddle’s forgotten influence on English football
28 August 2019
On this day in 1994, Robbie Fowler thumped home a hat-trick in four minutes and 33 seconds. That one's well known – these ones not so much...
Football League salary cap
28 August 2019
Bury have met their tragic fate, and Bolton’s two-week countdown has begun. As football finance guru Kieran Maguire points out, clubs’ wage bills are the major concern with secure futures
Football League 2019/20 nicknames
15 August 2019
Some are obvious, others baffling - it's time to test your knowledge of these sides' secondary monikers
Raheem Sterling
12 August 2019
Sometimes, great achievements don't get the respect they deserve. Here, FourFourTwo tries to shine a light on some underappreciated great trebles
Leeds United Top Man
29 July 2019
Huddersfield’s marketing stunt caused a social media stir last week – but history suggests that a whacking great logo doesn’t always ruin a kit
Premier League quiz
4 July 2019
Chelsea may make the list with baby-faced Frank – but they still have to go some way to beat neighbours Fulham, who once hired a 32-year-old as full-time gaffer
Leicester 2002-03
23 May 2019
What went up when it should have stayed down, brought to you by Mark Langshaw
22 May 2019
With Vincent Kompany being appointed Anderlecht player-coach, FFT delves into the archives to explore the history of a decreasingly common phenomenon
Save Sven Manchester City
10 May 2019
When it all goes very wrong in the last game of the season, brought to you by Richard Jolly


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