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Farina rewarded for honesty by Prandelli

Defender Simone Farina, who plays for Serie B side Gubbio, has been invited by Italy coach Cesare Prandelli to join his squad in the new year.

Farina, 29, told police he had refused a 200,000 euro offer to fix an Italian Cup match between Cesena and Gubbio on November 30.

"I loved what he did, he has shown great courage and extraordinary inner strength," Prandelli was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

However, Gubbio club president Marco Fioriti warned against treating Farina as a hero.

"His behaviour was normal, a normal person who has sound principles in mind," he said on the club website.

"So he is to be admired for the courage he has shown and for the honesty, but let's not make him a hero."