ISI Photos-Andrew Katsampes
23 May 2017
You know the big names, but these five players are the engines of their respective teams.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
19 May 2017
Hamm? Heath? The U.S.' 19-year-old phenom has a chance to blaze a trail of her own.
ISI Photos-Trask Smith
17 May 2017
If Sam Kerr and Nahomi Kawasumi were American, we would have heard a lot more about their huge weeks.
ISI Photos- Mike Gridley
8 May 2017
What are we to make of the wild first month of the NWSL season? Drawing hard conclusions right now isn't wise.
ISI Photos-Wilf Thorne
5 May 2017
Kealia Ohai is the most in-form player in the NWSL. What changed so drastically? Her mindset, for one.
4 May 2017
"The WUSA had the international drawing power of England’s Premier League. The NWSL is closer to MLS."
3 May 2017
We've reached the top of our countdown, where we look at the true stuff of legend from yesteryear.
3 May 2017
The world's two biggest women's soccer powers dominate this part of our countdown.
2 May 2017
What are the best seasons in U.S. women's soccer history? Check out all of our countdown's content here.
2 May 2017
Ever been left mesmerized by a player's complete dominance over the course of a season? We have been, too.


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