Non-League Day
11 October 2019
Don’t bemoan the second international break of the season: Non-League Day offers weary fans the chance to try something new – and on the rise
Troy Deeney
16 May 2019
Ahead of a momentous FA Cup final for Watford, Arty Pritchard pens his love letter to the Hornets' hulking centre-forward 
Roman Pavlyuchenko Tottenham
23 April 2019
One of Tottenham’s all-time greats? Absolutely not, writes Charlotte Henry – but the beanpole Russian gave Spurs fans some fine moments to remember
Diego Costa referee
12 April 2019
Brawling. Bitey. Brattish. Banned. The former Chelsea loon has been slapped with an eight-game expulsion after rollicking a referee – but Harry Harris sees only more reason to celebrate him
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