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6 October 2009
"Guardiola is my hero. He has always been my hero since I was young. I always watched him play..."
2 October 2009
"The only thing I remember about Lyon is the players telling me I spoke French like a Spanish cow"
1 October 2009
"It's so difficult to dance properly. I'll dance after a couple of beers..."
18 September 2009
"On ability alone, England have never had a more gifted midfield player than Gazza"
1 September 2009
"I have to wear an ankle brace when I play tennis, as a result of a football injury"
1 August 2009
"I'm told Messi is good. I wouldn't know – I only watch Premier League and Championship football"
1 August 2009
"I rang Dean Windass and pretended to be interested in signing him. It went on for five minutes. I started to feel sorry for him."
1 August 2009
"In Rio, things are quieter. They’ve heard of me, but don’t know my face..."
28 July 2009
"In 1996, I signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United..."
28 July 2009
"I’m not having it. Deal or No Deal is just people guessing, it’s rubbish. Countdown is pure skill. I’d like to give it a crack..."


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