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14 February 2008
"I remember beating Portugal 10-0 in Lisbon. And they were meant to be good..."
13 February 2008
"The women were divine. I don’t know how many girlfriends I had in Newcastle. At the beginning I didn’t even understand what they said"
4 February 2008
"I could have been dropped for the Poland game at the 1986 World Cup. I might never have played for England again."
1 February 2008
"I dreamed about being a dwarf"
1 February 2008
"We lost to Brentford on penalties and I missed one. Arsene Wenger didn’t let me take another penalty again – even in training!"
1 February 2008
"People always laugh when El Hadji Diouf is around. But they’re laughing at him, not with him."
31 January 2008
"The great history of this shirt makes wearing it feel even better”
31 January 2008
“I’m a more intelligent footballer now”
31 January 2008
"Until you're 30, work on your weaknesses; then work on your strengths"
15 January 2008
"It's very important that the players know I respect them all equally, but I can't treat them all the same because they don’t all respond in the same way"


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