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1 February 2008
"People always laugh when El Hadji Diouf is around. But they’re laughing at him, not with him."
31 January 2008
"The great history of this shirt makes wearing it feel even better”
31 January 2008
“I’m a more intelligent footballer now”
31 January 2008
"Until you're 30, work on your weaknesses; then work on your strengths"
15 January 2008
"It's very important that the players know I respect them all equally, but I can't treat them all the same because they don’t all respond in the same way"
15 January 2008
"It's not a nice feeling when the media goes on more about Zidane than the fact we'd won the World Cup"
12 January 2008
"A petting zoo? What’s that? A Stan Collymore dogging thing?"
11 January 2008
"Thierry Henry would blow me away over 100 metres, but make it a little shorter and it might be a different story..."
9 January 2008
"I was born with a ball in my head. I studied just to make my mum and dad proud..."
1 January 2008
“I got stuck at an EU summit in Brussels and missed us staying up by beating Plymouth in the last game."


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