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1 December 2006
"The craziest person I've come across? Let me tell you about John Moncur..."
28 November 2006
“Everyone does what he has to do for his country and I did what I had to do.”
24 November 2006
"Being a Brentford fan was a bit of a lonely existence, but it was a badge of honour..."
1 November 2006
"Even though I supported Chelsea, and had a chance to go there, I went to Arsenal. Chelsea were s*it back then"
1 October 2006
"I bought a Mercedes convertible as soon as I passed my test. I crashed it into the kit bus..."
1 October 2006
"Everybody talks about Pele but this guy was out of this world"
1 October 2006
"All my early memories are of kicking a ball – I didn’t go into a boxing gym until I was 10"
1 October 2006
"Hoff-worship is almost the law back in the Motherland"
10 September 2006
"Who was I most like as a player? Ronaldinho, only without the skill"
1 September 2006
"He's an amazing player, technically excellent and with a beautiful wife..."


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