Perfect XI

1 October 2006
"Everybody talks about Pele but this guy was out of this world"
1 September 2006
"He's an amazing player, technically excellent and with a beautiful wife..."
1 August 2006
"Zinedine Zidane is the one player who could play in any team and in any position"
1 April 2006
"I tell you this: he broke my heart"
1 March 2006
"What do you mean, Jackie who?"
1 February 2006
"He was a great player, and what a mullet he had - he makes my team for that alone"
1 December 2005
"I don't have any wingers in my side, which is why I have such attacking full-backs..."
1 November 2005
"He had great positional sense and he was a real team player – he showed that in England"
1 October 2005
"He was like Roy Keane and Glenn Hoddle rolled into one"
10 September 2005
"He would do a Cruyff turn and before you knew it, he'd be gone, whipping the ball into the back of the net"


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