Perfect XI

10 September 2005
"He would do a Cruyff turn and before you knew it, he'd be gone, whipping the ball into the back of the net"
1 May 2005
"He’s also, to the best of my knowledge, the only ex-con in my side"
1 December 2004
"When I was working in a sausage factory, he was one of the first players to catch my eye"
1 July 2004
"If Bergkamp had played in the Cruyff team of 1974, Holland would have won the World Cup"
20 April 2004
"There are no players like George Best now and there never will be"
1 November 2003
"He was my hero as a kid, then I played with him for England and he was still playing after I retired. If I don't pick him, he'll kill me"
1 August 2003
"If Glenn Hoddle had been French, Spanish or Italian he would have been held in higher regard"
1 March 2003
"I'm not going to put myself in this team, certainly not upfront. Maybe I can go in at left-back"
1 May 2002
"I'd love to play in this team, but maybe a few years ago..."


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