25 April 2017
On this day in 1998, Jamie Pollock netted one of the great oggies of English football for Manchester City against QPR. There's nothing quite as ignominous in football, but as Greg Lea discovers, some culprits are much worse than others
10 July 2016
From a hole in some cloth to the side of a church, to a Scotsman-proof elliptical aluminium structure: FFT tells the tale of what is, after all, the most important part of any football pitch...
8 July 2016
France will play Portugal in the Stade de France on Sunday, but who is worth considering if you're betting on the Million Pound Goal?
8 July 2016
Our favourite goals from the European Championships, plus the best home nations and Irish strikes…
8 July 2016
The European Championship 2016 finale is on Sunday and we have an infographic which could help you predict the time of the first goal…
8 July 2016
Here's that chance to bag a cool £1,000,000. 1 goal, 1 player, 1 minute, 1 million from BetVictor. Who are you going to go for?
8 July 2016
The European Championships have provided some of the greatest goals. Which one is your favourite?
5 July 2016
The Chelsea wizard's beauty is a contender for the goal of the tournament, so we've recreated it…
3 July 2016
Payet's stunner lit up the first match of Euro 2016, and we've recreated it…
19 June 2016
Are all these late strikes at Euro 2016 actually a new occurrence?


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