19 April 2018
Michael Carrick has opened up about the mental struggle he faced when away with the England national side.
14 April 2018
Paul Pogba played a starring role in Manchester United's recent derby win, but not before some wise words from Michael Carrick.
3 April 2018
With Michael Carrick hanging up his boots in May, Ander Herrera feels Scott McTominay has the qualities to succeed him in midfield.
Michael Carrick Live & Kicking
16 March 2018
"I don't know if I will become a professional footballer... I hope I do," says the future winner of 11 major trophies and 34 England caps. Aww...
12 March 2018
Manchester United veteran Michael Carrick will hang up his boots at the end of 2017-18, saying "your body tells you it's time to stop".
16 February 2018
Scott McTominay has emerged as a key prospect at Manchester United and Michael Carrick is helping him to realise his potential.
6 February 2018
Manchester United paid tribute to the victims of the Munich air disaster at Old Trafford as thousands of fans visited the site in Germany.


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