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Bielsa defiant ahead of Labrune meeting

The Argentinian took the reins at Marseille in the off-season, replacing Jose Anigo, who had been in temporary charge since Elie Baup was sacked in December.

Bielsa caused controversy earlier this month when he accused Labrune of breaking promises related to the club's transfer activity.

Bielsa and Labrune will hold talks next week, and the boss stood firm in his stance regarding his president.

"The question is not whether I went too far, as some think, but if what I say is true," he said.

"I saw the press conference and everything was fair and accurate. I had to say what needed to be said.

"It would have been irresponsible of me to move things forward and then go back.

"I do not know what will come out of this meeting. I do not aspire to have the power of decision [over transfers].

"It would be a misinterpretation of my behaviour, what I claim is that the procedures are clear."

Bielsa expressed his displeasure at the signing of Brazilian defender Doria, who joined from Botafago earlier this month, claiming he was not consulted about the transfer.

"I guess if Doria reads the newspaper, he will think I do not consider his qualities as a footballer, but I've never brought it up because I do not know," said Bielsa.

"I objected to his arrival because I was not asked my opinion."