Capello criticises outspoken Terry

RUSTENBURG - England's John Terry made "a very big mistake" talking to the media about player unrest in the squad, hardline coach Fabio Capello said.

The England manager on Monday criticised his former captain for discussing squad morale publicly rather than with him as management and players closed ranks to deny talk of mutiny in the camp.

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"I don't understand why he didn't speak with me," the Italian told Britain's ITV television channel in an interview.

Earlier, vice-captain and midfielder Frank Lampard had said there had been no clear-the-air talks between the players and the manager, as Terry had forecast on Sunday.

"I spoke with some players and I think it is only John Terry who said this," added Capello.

"No-one spoke with me about these comments. My door is open always. If you want to speak with me you can speak with me. Every time when I have a meeting I ask my captain: 'Problems? You want to say something?

"I read yesterday that John Terry said this. I don't understand why he didn't speak with me. When you speak you have to speak privately and not with you (the media).

"This is the big mistake. This is a very big mistake. I know that some time some players want to speak more with you (the media) than with the other players. This is a mistake.

"You have to speak with the other players, with me, in the dressing room. I hope from the big mistake, I hope will come out a big performance."

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Capello denied also that there were any signs of a French revolution in his squad.

"It is not a revolution. It is one mistake of a player but no revolution."

Lampard, the squad's most articulate spokesman, had earlier told reporters that there was no plot to loosen the iron grip of coach Capello.


Lampard, 31, said the squad held a routine meeting to review their performance in last Friday's dismal 0-0 draw against Algeria, their second disappointing Group C outing at the finals. In their first, they drew 1-1 with the United States.

England must now beat group leaders Slovenia in their final game in Port Elizabeth to be certain of qualifying for the second round.

Twenty-four hours after former captain and central defender Terry had said the squad was going to clear the air with Capello and discuss changes, Lampard, sitting in the same place, suggested his friend and Chelsea captain had been misunderstood.

Terry told reporters that nine players met in Cape Town last Friday evening to examine the side's failings