City fan rues Kak tatt decision

A Manchester City fan who grew so excited at the prospect of AC Milan playmaker Kaka joining the Blues for a world record fee that he had a tattoo of the star’s name on his chest, is now regretting the hasty decision.

Blues fanatic Christopher Atkinson chose to have the Brazilian's name etched on his torso as Mark Hughes's side appeared to be closing in on the player's signature.

But he is now suffering the consequences of his overconfidence following the collapse of the £100 million move for the Brazilian, unsurprisingly becoming the butt of friends’s jokes.

“They haven’t stopped taking the Mick," he told The Sun. "Kaka’s one of my favourite players. I got carried away by the emotion of him coming here. I wanted to show off."

Atkinson, a barman and TV extra - appearing in adverts with Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres - is only now starting to see the funny side of the ordeal and is hoping the club continue the pursuit of Kaka’s signature as he has vowed not to remove the tattoo.

“It’s taken a few weeks to see the funny side," he said. "At least I have a permanent reminder of how close City came to signing him.

“I just hope we go for him this summer. I won’t get rid of it. I’ll just hang back a bit next time, hopefully for someone like Lionel Messi from Barcelona."

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