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Police turn Dortmund fan buses away from Darmstadt

Police stopped a contingent of Borussia Dortmund fans from attending Saturday's Bundesliga match against Darmstadt.

Authorities seized pyrotechnics, balaclavas, combat gear and drugs after stopping two buses transporting Dortmund supporters to Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Bollenfalltor.

The police stated that "around 90" fans had consequently been escorted back to North-Rhine Westphalia.

In a post on Twitter, Dortmund revealed they had been in contact with law enforcement regarding the issue.

A police statement read: "After the buses were located in the morning near Giessen, a check took place immediately.

"It quickly became clear that the passengers had other intentions in travelling to Darmstadt besides watching the match peacefully.

"Some of the passengers were already known for riots in connection with football matches.

"They were accompanied directly back to the county border in order to prevent further crimes."

Dortmund fans have been under the spotlight after 28 people were arrested in relation to attacks on RB Leipzig fans before last weekend's match.

BVB chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke vowed to punish the fans who were involved.

Dortmund have been ordered to close the Yellow Wall for one match and a €100,000 fine has been demanded by the German Football Association.