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PSG boss Blanc hails tactical victory

Laurent Blanc hailed Paris Saint-Germain's Champions League win over Chelsea as a tactical one after outplaying the English champions across two legs in Europe.

Adrien Rabiot and Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored either side of Diego Costa's first-half equaliser as PSG booked their spot in the quarter-finals via a 2-1 victory at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

The away win sealed a 4-2 aggregate win and afterwards, Blanc said the contest was played by two teams espousing completely different philosophies and was proud of his team's success.

"It’s very simple. We saw two very good teams with contrasting philosophies," he said.

"Chelsea have a lot of pace up front and do not always want the ball. Our style is the polar opposite so we can set the attacks.

"I believe you are in less danger when you have the ball. I'm not saying the team with the most possession wins matches, but it does allow you to impose yourself on the game."

Blanc said the quality of the performance justified the result.

"After the match it's very easy to have a more positive view of the match. In terms of the result it was positive. When you analyse the game we prepared for a tough match," the Frenchman continued.

"I didn't think we would be able to put in such a good performance away from home so that is very pleasing.

"Because we controlled the game we were able to have an easier night than we expected."

Angel Di Maria and Ibrahimovic both came in for particular praise from Blanc, who hailed his Argentine winger saying: "Di Maria is a very intelligent player with his movement, is technically gifted and has excellent vision.

"In tight matches you have to win the midfield battle, and Di Maria helped us do that tonight. Di Maria gave Chelsea a problem from start to finish."

While of Zlatan, Blanc said: "I think all of the team played very well. I enjoyed the performances of all the team. Zlatan performed at the level he has been this season.

"You guys have doubts whether he can reproduce in the Champions League and he answered that tonight. He performed very well along with almost all of the team.

"It won't give him more confidence – he has enough as it is – but it will do him some good. We can benefit from his performances."