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Seaman embarrassed by officiating after Costa clash with Gabriel

David Seaman was left "embarrassed" by the officiating that followed the clash between Chelsea striker Diego Costa and Arsenal defenders Gabriel and Laurent Koscielny.

Referee Mike Dean dismissed Gabriel at Stamford Bridge after he kicked out at Costa following the latter's coming together with Koscielny.

Gabriel, Costa and both clubs were subsequently charged by the Football Association for improper conduct, violent conduct and failing to control their players respectively.

Seaman was highly critical of the Gabriel for being drawn into the incident - having not been involved in the original altercation - but felt the decision to dismiss the defender was the wrong one.

"Gabriel got suckered into it," the former England goalkeeper told Omnisport. "He made a silly decision with a flick, but the most annoying thing about it is a player can get a straight red for a little flick like that.

"Over the top tackles are not getting punished nowhere near as badly as that, it's just embarrassing, as a footballer I was embarrassed. 

"The Rugby World Cup is on and they are flying into each other, and we're sending players off for little flicks. It just really got me angry… and I don't get angry often!"

Seaman says Costa should not be made out to be the villain, as players of his mould have been around for some time.

He added: "That's Diego, I know that and I've been retired 12 years! That's his game, he's not just that, he's a great striker and a great finisher. 

"[But you] just get on with it, don't get drawn into it, you know what's he's going to be like. 

"It's passion as well [from Costa], it's not out and out dirtiness, he's trying to win the ball.

"All the stuff that went on that we saw on Saturday goes on at every corner. The scratching and pulling goes on all the time.

"Just get on with it, a yellow each would've been enough and walk away."