WATCH: Gotta Catch 'Em All - Braga coach captures Viana signing

Braga became the latest club to post a rather unique video to celebrate a new signing with their Pokemon effort.

Hours of button-mashing on Pokemon paid off for Braga as they successfully negotiated the permanent signing of Bruno Viana.

Wacky videos announcing transfers are all the rage this season and the Portuguese side might have topped the lot as they released details of the on-loan defender's permanent move from Olympiacos.

In a short video posted to Braga's Twitter page, a "loaned Bruno Viana" appeared before head coach and Pokemon collector and Abel Ferreira, who then sought to negotiate with the defender.

After a short battle in which Ferreira used his leadership and empathic skills and Viana responded with a show of his strength, the player "became convinced" and signed a five-year deal.

Might Vasco da Gama defender Yago Pikachu be Ferreira's next target..?