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6 best ways to prevent a hangover

3am… Sidestep a doner, tackle some toast

Give the kebab shop the swerve and tuck into some peanut butter and toast when you get home. This snack contains healthy fats that will slow down the absorption of alcohol.

3.30am… Sink a nightcap (hands off the booze, though...)

Replace the fluids lost after a night on the drink. Your body needs electrolytes to perform so drink an isotonic sports drinks or coconut water before bed.

8.30am… Knock back your caffeine kick

It sounds obvious, but if you’ve been out until the early hours you need to give your body a jump-start. A caffeinated drink first thing in the morning should do the trick.


9.30am… Substitute grease for goodness

Your body might be craving a full English breakfast, but what it really needs is some antioxidants. Ease your banging headache with a glass of coconut water. Not only will it help you rehydrate, but it’s full of electrolytes, which regulate your blood pH as well as your muscle and nerve functions. After a heavy night out your body will have lost a lot of these minerals. Follow up the coconut water with a green tea. The caffeine will kick-start your performance by blocking the signals of pain and fatigue to your brain. It also contains the antioxidant EGCG, which increases your oxygen uptake. Awaken your muscles with a dose of slow-releasing carbohydrates from a bowl of porridge made with milk and a tablespoon of agave syrup. Add mixed berries, which are high in polyphenols and antioxidants, to combat the toxins running through your body after a heavy drinking session.


10am…. Get your nut on the game

Before kick-off, snack on dried apricots and salty nuts – they contain potassium and sodium respectively, as well as important electrolytes that help absorb fluid.


11am… Reset and ready to go

Packed with carbohydrates and antioxidants, your body will be flushing out the booze and replacing it with fuel for 90 minutes’ running. No excuses for a poor performance.