Michael Ballack: The secrets to leadership

Mature in to a leader of men with these essential tips on captaincy from Germany's former skipper, Michael Ballack

Whether they adopt the full-on, blood-and-thunder persona of Roy Keane or the more measured, lead-by-example, calm approach perfected by Paolo Maldini, the captain is one of the most important players on any team.

Organisation, focus and an ability to handle pressure are the key characteristics of a dependable skipper. Michael Ballack, who wore the coveted armband for Bayer Leverkusen, believes a captain must gain the trust of his team-mates and manager by stepping up and taking responsibility for himself and the rest of the team.

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“Being captain doesn’t just mean you are the best player. You are the guy with the armband; you have responsibilities on and off the pitch,” he told FourFourTwo performance.

“You should deal with it and it should be important to you.”

Tune in to this video and learn more about the art of leadership from Germany's former captain.

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