16 June 2016
With Gerd Muller retired and 10 minutes to go, West Germany needed a goalscoring hero. What about the untried Muller on the bench?
15 June 2016
England had a squad half-full of European club champions, but didn't have the wherewithal to overcome the struggling Euro 80 hosts...
12 June 2016
Gary Parkinson recalls a belting Balkan battle in Belgium
Some feared the Belgium midfielder would never be the same again after breaking his leg against Italy at Euro 1972, explains Michael Yokhin – but he bounced back to take his revenge eight years later...
27 April 2016
Simon Curtis was a match-going Manchester City supporter in the 1980s – a very different era for football fandom stained with tragedy. He explains why Tuesday’s Hillsborough verdict provides justice beyond the 96 fans who tragically lost their lives in April 1989...
20 April 2016
It’s 20 years since one of the Premier League’s most exciting teams faltered after leading by 12 points. The Magpies' main men from that era talk you through the key games of a thrilling season. You’ll LOVE it...
24 March 2016
Mesmerising player, revolutionary coach, brilliant pundit: for 40 years, Johan Cruyff has entertained, enthralled and inspired legions of football fans all over the world. Simon Kuper pays tribute to the Dutch master...
23 March 2016
English football's domestic cup competitions are often considered second rate by some, but there's a reason nobody gets misty-eyed about the Zenith Data Systems Cup. 
4 March 2016
Sensible business models? Pah! Two decades before MLS finally did it properly, soccer Stateside was run by rock stars, movie moguls and music execs. Oh, but it was fun...
23 February 2016
With its American showmanship and (for some reason) Darth Vader, it was, for a small pocket of time, the USA’s biggest football competition. So amid all the dry ice and fireworks, why did such a revolutionary enterprise end in tears?


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