9 September 2015
As this season’s group stage comes to an end, FourFourTwo brings you a score of the finest net-bulgers the world’s premier club competition has ever seen...
2 September 2015
Tell us which you think is the best shirt of all time...
2 September 2015
Matt Allen guides you through the coolest of retro kits. Buy one of these and you never need splash out on another shirt again!
26 August 2015
Nick Moore takes a misty-eyed look back at a dozen jangles that have lived longest in the memory - whether for the right or wrong reasons...
19 August 2014
Arsenal's terror from Tocopilla has got Premier League fans hot under the collar this summer, but as Richard Edwards recalls, the 25-year-old has a tough job emulating the brothers who braved English football after the Second World War...
21 August 2013
What happened last time top three changed bosses
1 August 2010
"Roberto Baggio was a charismatic leader – he even enjoyed those games where his team were losing"
13 May 2010
There were problems with the press, the usual supporters’ expectations...let's just say that it was a very unique and intense atmosphere"
"I’m responsible for installing the professional era in Argentina..."
1 November 2009
"An Italian in charge of the English national side? England calling an Italian? Nobody ever expected that..."


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