12 September 2019
What could have been? This lot failed to impress in England but went on to have fine careers
Didier Drogba Chelsea
11 September 2019
As the international break fades back into the Premier League season, we combine the two...
Jurgen Klopp Man Utd
2 September 2019
What Premier League managers do in life echoes through football eternity. And what could have been for these... 
Roberto Firmino Liverpool
2 September 2019
Roberto Firmino became the first Seleção star to net 50 goals in England's top flight – but can you name his compatriots who've also made an impression since 1992? 
28 August 2019
On this day in 1994, Robbie Fowler thumped home a hat-trick in four minutes and 33 seconds. That one's well known – these ones not so much...
Football League salary cap
28 August 2019
Bury have met their tragic fate, and Bolton’s two-week countdown has begun. As football finance guru Kieran Maguire points out, clubs’ wage bills are the major concern with secure futures
Sergio Aguero
21 August 2019
Every player to have hit double figures for spot-kicks in the Premier League era
Football League 2019/20 nicknames
15 August 2019
Some are obvious, others baffling - it's time to test your knowledge of these sides' secondary monikers


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