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Gareth Southgate: Simplifying tactics

To reinforce their position as the boss, managers often waffle on about formations and tactics.

This often results in total confusion. Players get preoccupied with carrying out instructions, rather than trusting their instincts and taking the initiative.

Of course, tactics have their place in the game, but as manager it's important you don't indulge yourself.

Bamboozling the players with textbook talk is a common mistake, says former Middlesbrough boss, Gareth Southgate.

Whether you're using words, body language or a tactics boards, you've got to get your point across clearly and concisely.

Borrow the tips featured in this video interview with Southgate to make sure your tactical explanations inspire, rather than bewilder.

Gareth Southgate was talking at the World Football Academy: UK National Symposium. For more information visit