Kyla and Gina Graber (Courtesy Photo)
17 May 2018
American fans in 2018 will once again represent the largest contingent of foreign ticket-buyers at the World Cup — hardly a given, considering the U.S. men failed to qualify.
ISI Photos-Mark Thorstenson
16 May 2018
As each of the 32 World Cup participants name their final rosters, Steve Davis takes on the melancholy task of predicting what the U.S.' might look like had the qualifying campaign not gone so wrong.
Instagram: @rgall95
11 May 2018
Stints in France and Columbus didn't work out for this former U.S. youth international. Now, Romain Gall is thriving in a less heralded league.
ISI Photos-Ben Queenborough
10 May 2018
The disgraced former president of FIFA says joint World Cup bids are a nightmare. Guess which country is part of a joint bid for 2026.
1 May 2018
Donald Trump warned nations not to lobby against the USA in their World Cup bid last week and he appeared to reaffirm that stance on Monday.
ISI Photos / Pixathlon / Neil Baynes
30 April 2018
No World Cup won't mean no news for U.S. men's national team players. These five could be subject to club transfers this summer.
27 April 2018
Donald Trump hopes nations do not lobby against the United States' joint 2026 World Cup bid.
17 April 2018
Jurgen Klinsmann believes the United States' World Cup qualifying failure is a huge blow.
29 March 2018
The preeminent scholar of world soccer history talks with Graham Parker about Nigerian fan clubs, Liverpool food banks and a certain 2026 World Cup bid…
ISI Photos-John Dorton
28 March 2018
Six months after failing to qualify for the World Cup, the U.S. men's national team doesn't just lack an identity; it still lacks any direction.


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