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10 April 2009
8 April 2009
From La Liga Loca’s lofty perch in Atlético Madrid’s Vicente Calderón stadium, the blog is lucky enough to be able to gaze upon snow-capped mountains and the city’s royal palace. It can also enjoy the site of building works and a stinky, stagnant river. And this is a rather handy and massively contrived metaphor / simile  / comparison to the rojiblanco club. The two sides to La Liga Loca came to rare agreement on Sunday that anarchic Atleti could be a brilliant, brilliant, best-in-Spain club, thanks to its handily-located near la Latina home and their die-hard fans love of Mike Oldfield megahit ‘Moonlight Shadow’ - “na na na na na na na na, na na na na, te quiero Atleti!”Instead, it’s a bit rubbish thanks to the idiot twins of Enrique Cerezo and Miguel Angel Gil - a president and director general who barely speak and see the club as a battleground for their childish spats. Now, Atlético Madrid fans have a deserved reputation for actively enjoying a good wallow in the moat of misery. But during Sunday’s 2-4 home defeat to Osasuna, the atmosphere in the crowd felt very different to the normal world-weary despair over the side’s hapless defence.


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